“La Pasion Del Donaldo” Is The Telenovela We’ve All Been Watching

Credit: Comedy Central/YouTube

“He’s basically a telenovela character come to life.”

The Daily Show” is on a roll, by which we mean that Trevor Noah is finally learning that nearly 17 percent of this country’s population is Latino! On Monday night, the fake show introduced us to Eliza Cossio, the first Latinx correspondent since Al Madrigal. (Speaking of which, whatever happened to him?) Cossio, who’s Mexican, joined Noah to talk about how Donald Trump is basically the perfect telenovela villain. Think about it: He’s rich, unpredictable and kind of bats**t insane. Those are three things you can also say about Soraya Montenegro, who’s on the Mt. Rushmore of villanas. Another thing that Donald Trump has in common with Soraya? Unless the Donald does something to drastically improve his image with non-white voters, his chances of becoming president will also go up in flames, which, you know:

Credit: Novelas De America/YouTube

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