La India Maria’s Most Memorable Moments

Latinos are mourning the death of actress, comedian, and film director María Elena Velasco, better known as La India María. Velasco died Friday in Mexico City. She was 74.

A comedic interpretation of Mexican indigenous women, La India María became so beloved that she starred in 21 spin-off movies, two TV series and made special appearances on TV for five decades. Velasco, who was born in Puebla, lived to make people laugh. In that spirit, we leave you with some of La India María’s most laugh-out-loud moments:

She Learns How to Drive


Credit: Vicente Ardito / YouTube

She Gets Jiggy Wit It at a Nightclub


Credit: juan del rio / YouTube

Her First Airplane Ride


Credit: Leito Piloto / YouTube

She Fights With Mean Girls


Credit: ALEJANDROMARRONH2490 / YouTube

She Hosts a Lavish Dinner Party That Turns Into Chaos


Credit: PrincessShiek7

She Sings “La Muerte”


Credit: Alan Roux / YouTube

¡Jalale pa alla, jalale pa aca!

Rest in peace, María Elena Velasco.

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