Kourtney’s Ultimate Revenge: Bringing Jackie Back

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Kourtney and Scott are dunzo…can we get an AMEN?! Enter Jackie Cruz – Kourt’s first girl-on-girl television kiss. The tv stars may have lost touch since their hot 2009 make-out session, but now that the oldest Kardashian is single she should spend her free time with the OITNB star and here’s why…

Jackie’s already been through Scott drama.


Jackie has already stepped up to comfort Kourtney when Scott was doing what Scott does – partying, getting hammered, acting a fool – in Miami. That’s what led to this infamous kiss. We know she’d stick by her side again.

They would have the perfect girls night in…


Because nothing mends a broken heart like a large pepperoni pizza and fashion magazines. Flaca has you covered.

…Or girls night out.

She’d probably take Kourtney to the next Drake concert to drown their boy sorrows in the poetry that is Drake. 

Jackie knows how to help a girl stand a little taller.

Literally and figuratively. And at 5’0, this is the type of friend Kourtney could always use. 

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Together they would make the most fashionable duo.

And that’s the ultimate #BFFgoal. 

She’s a girl’s girl.

Jackie’s IG is flooded with photos of her hanging with her girl friends – so you know she always has their back.

Her dance moves can lift anyone’s spirits.


Just like her character Flaca, we image Jackie would turn any boring moment into a spontaneous dance party.

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She’s got her own.

Season 3 is OUT now!!! GO HOME and WATCH @oitnb #Flaca #OITNB #orangecon #surprise thank you @netflix

A video posted by Jackie Cruz (@msjackiecruz) on

Because she’s got her own success, Kourt wouldn’t have to worry Jackie’s using her for fame.

Because Kourtney’s eyeliner needs desperate help.

With wings like these, only Jackie could help step up Kourtney’s nonexistent eyeliner game.

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The Teaser Trailer for The Final Season of “Orange is the New Black” is Making Us All Weep


The Teaser Trailer for The Final Season of “Orange is the New Black” is Making Us All Weep

@Netflix / Twitter

Award-winning Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” has given us both problematic and deeply satisfying character development, plot twists, and grief. This summer, its seventh and final season will be streamed to Netflix, and nobody’s ready.

OITNB just shared a teaser trailer to its final season, and while it gives us little to no information about the plot of its finale, it is consistently making viewers cry.

Folks are literally crying over the touching OITNB final season teaser.

Credit: @Clastweet / Twitter

The teaser ends with Piper Chapman and Alex Vause meeting each other–one in street clothes and the other still in prison uniform. OITNB writers have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster with these two, and we’re hoping they really do get to walk off into the sunset.

Netflix has shared some stills, including this one of Piper on the outside.

@OITNB / Twitter

It’s a little strange to see so many people not in uniform, especially Piper. Fans are hoping #Vausman is endgame material and that they will be reunited on the outside.

Many fans are finding the anticipation for Season 7 to be bittersweet.

@80sbinge / Twitter

The hashtag #OrangeForever is trending because the fandom really is forever. Let the entire series re-binge commence. We have two months to get back up to date with everything.

We did see Maritza back on set with Flaca, which means #Flaritza is back!

@lgbtpaulson / Twitter

We see the two fooling around behind bars, singing along to the series’ theme song, laughing away. Of course, this shook the fandom.

Diane Guerrero is back for the final season!

@dianeguerrero_ / Twitter

The actress did not appear in Season 6 for even a single scene after writers concluded Season 5 with a separation of #Flaritza. Guerrero appeared in several different films, including The Godmother and Killerman during production of Season 6.

#Flaritza fans are reigniting the #FlaritzaForever hashtag in standom.

@nanaisprincess / Twitter

It wouldn’t have felt like the series finale if these two comadres weren’t hand in hand. We’re here for more #Flaritza content.

One fan noticed that the red bucket in the final trailer scene read this message:

Yup. That sums it up. Seems the cast, crew, and fans are ready to see the story conclude in the best way possible.

Other fans are making a clear and direct appeal to the writers to give us what we want.

@roastmehoe / Twitter

The wounds from the Game of Thrones finale is having a ripple affect on other fandoms. So we’re using our communication tools and being clear and direct. No loose ends.

Of course, the gays are screaming.

@ymcastle_ / Twitter

Myself included. What will I do without all my favorite prison lesbians giving me that chingona attitude I bring into my everyday life? I cry.

The entire series will be available on Netflix on July 26.

@OITNB / Twitter

And yes, Dascha, we will remember all your voices and faces. 😭

So without further ado, prepare to weep.

All good things must come to an end. We’re not ready. Thank you for all the memories and we can’t wait to see what is going done in the final season of OITNB.

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Jackie Cruz, Selenis Leyva And More Latino Netflix Stars Talk Diversity In Hollywood


Jackie Cruz, Selenis Leyva And More Latino Netflix Stars Talk Diversity In Hollywood

Courtesy of Netflix

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Netflix invited its Latino stars from “Orange is the New Black” and “On My Block” to chat over aguas frescas about diversity and what it’s like to be Latino in Hollywood—and things got real.

Jackie Cruz and Selenis Leyva from OITNB, sat down with Jason Genao and Jessica Maria Garcia from “On My Block” in Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon to talk about what roles they were first offered as Latinos when they were starting to break into the business.

Selenis Leyva was the veteran at the table and discussed the misconception of actors not wanting certain roles.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Netflix

Leyva said she has played the prostitute over and over again until she got moved up to…drum roll…girlfriend of suspect. Jackie Cruz, Leyva’s OITNB co-star” chimed in that she was also given roles in a similar vein including inmate, rape victim, and heroin addict.

“I don’t have a problem with playing the maid. I don’t have a problem with playing the prostitute,” Leyva says. “I have a problem if that’s all you think I can play.”

Cruz chimed in saying that the various prostitute roles is why she is grateful for OINTB for changing things up.

Leyva asked her if it really did and that when Jason Genao chimed in saying that it is because of OITNB that we have “On My Block.”

“I think it has. It went from ‘Orange’ to ‘On My Block,'” Genao says. “You know, Lauren and Eddie and Jeremy come and pitch ‘On My Block’ and they’re like ‘No, it’s only black and Hispanic people. Is that the show you want?’ And they’re like, ‘That’s the show we want.’ And that’s the show we got.”

The conversation then evolved to how Latinos are often shut out of award shows.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Netflix

“The representation is out there, and yet, we only are invited to either attend the after-parties or to hand out the awards,” Leyva says. She further compared handing out trophies to handing out food at the faster parties and asked what the difference was.

A message to the academies: you can, and should, do better.

Watch the full video below as the stars discuss Hollywood’s lack of representation.

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