Kourtney’s Ultimate Revenge: Bringing Jackie Back

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Kourtney and Scott are dunzo…can we get an AMEN?! Enter Jackie Cruz – Kourt’s first girl-on-girl television kiss. The tv stars may have lost touch since their hot 2009 make-out session, but now that the oldest Kardashian is single she should spend her free time with the OITNB star and here’s why…

Jackie’s already been through Scott drama.


Jackie has already stepped up to comfort Kourtney when Scott was doing what Scott does – partying, getting hammered, acting a fool – in Miami. That’s what led to this infamous kiss. We know she’d stick by her side again.

They would have the perfect girls night in…


Because nothing mends a broken heart like a large pepperoni pizza and fashion magazines. Flaca has you covered.

…Or girls night out.

She’d probably take Kourtney to the next Drake concert to drown their boy sorrows in the poetry that is Drake. 

Jackie knows how to help a girl stand a little taller.

Literally and figuratively. And at 5’0, this is the type of friend Kourtney could always use. 

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Together they would make the most fashionable duo.

And that’s the ultimate #BFFgoal. 

She’s a girl’s girl.

Jackie’s IG is flooded with photos of her hanging with her girl friends – so you know she always has their back.

Her dance moves can lift anyone’s spirits.


Just like her character Flaca, we image Jackie would turn any boring moment into a spontaneous dance party.

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She’s got her own.

Season 3 is OUT now!!! GO HOME and WATCH @oitnb #Flaca #OITNB #orangecon #surprise thank you @netflix

A video posted by Jackie Cruz (@msjackiecruz) on

Because she’s got her own success, Kourt wouldn’t have to worry Jackie’s using her for fame.

Because Kourtney’s eyeliner needs desperate help.

With wings like these, only Jackie could help step up Kourtney’s nonexistent eyeliner game.

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