A New Documentary Shows There’s More than Two Sides to the Mexican Drug War

“I actually felt safer in the Middle East than I did in Monterrey.”

What do you do when the people who are supposed to protect you become those who hurt you? Kingdom of Shadows, a new documentary about the drug war in Mexico, shows just how blurred the line between law enforcement and cartels has become. The film’s foundation is built on the stories of three people:

Sister Consuelo Morales, a nun-turned-human-rights activist…

Credit: Participant Media

Don Henry Ford, a former drug trafficker…

Credit: Participant Media

And Oscar Hagelsieb, an agent from the US Department of Homeland Security.

Credit: Participant Media

Director Bernardo Ruiz told EFE that a personal stake in the story: “I was born in Mexico. My father is Mexican and my mother is American. I grew up between the two countries and I’m fascinated by the relations between the two, which can’t even agree on the name of the river that separates them (in Mexico it’s the Rio Bravo and in the United States, it’s the Rio Grande). I’m fascinated by the different realities that exist in Mexico and the United States.”

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