Kick Your Weekend Off Right With Café Tacvba’s First New Song In 4 Years

Credit: Cafe Tacvba/YouTube

This is the band’s first new song in four years.

The argument can–and should–be made that Café Tacvba is the greatest Latin American rock band of all time. One such reason why they more than deserve that distinction is that despite being older than a lot of you (they formed in 1989), the band is constantly reinventing their sound. They’re not in the habit of putting out the same recycled songs over and over, which is more than you can say for their counterparts.

That willingness to try something fresh is certainly present in “Un Par De Lugares,” the group’s first single in more than four years. The song is synthy and upbeat, which makes sense given that it was mixed by Mick Guzauki, who’s worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Daft Punk.

And what’s the tune about?

“This is a song that talks about the feeling of absence and how we go to a pair of places–our mind and our heart– to recover the thoughts and feelings that help us alleviate the pain,” lead vocalist Rubén Albarrán said in a statement.


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