Katy Perry Gets Kissed and Groped by a Girl in Brazil

Brazil’s Biggest Katy Kat

Per usual, Katy Perry invited one lucky fan to join her on stage…but this time, the fan was waaayyyyy more than excited.  Within seconds Katy realized the Rayane, who’s name she never got right, was probably drunk and asked for water.  After several boob gropes, kisses and hugs, Katy decided Rayayayaya, as she was dubbed, was rolling. Rayayaya’s state didn’t stop Katy from having fun.  She rolled with fondling, took selfies and even tried to learn some Portuguese.  Watch the full video above, then check out the snaps below for an up-close, play-by-play of the most scandalous moments.

Here’s a closer look at the first neck-wringing hug.

Credit: deigismon / YouTube

And the boob nuzzle.

The tummy snuggle.

Credit: deigismon / YouTube

And let’s not forget the hand beijos.

For being a wreck, Rayayaya got some pretty cool selfies.


She even changed her handle to Rayayaya!


Katy ended this game with an old-fashioned butt slap.

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