Karla Souza Showed Off Her ‘Latina’ Accent on HTGAWM

Have you been watching How To Get Away With Murder?

Credit: ABC

The show has one of the most diverse casts on TV. Karla Souza, who plays Laurel Castillo, is Mexican.

Credit: ABC

Yeah, she’s the same actress from Instructions Not Included

Credit: Pantelion Films

And the record-breaking Mexican comedy Nosotros los Nobles.

Credit: Warner Bros.

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Lots of people haven’t noticed she’s Mexican because her English is pretty much perfect:

Credit: PopSugar / YouTube

So if you watched Episode 7 of HTGAWM, you probably chuckled a little harder when you watched this scene…

Where Laurel speaks with an “Latina” accent to fool this doofus:

And just a few seconds later, we get to hear what Laurel really sounds like:

Credit: ABC

Not only was that accent good for a few chuckles, this fuchi face was TOP NOTCH:

Credit: ABC

Well played, Laurel, well played.

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