Kansas City Royals Pitcher Edinson Volquez Opens Up About Losing Father During World Series

No one could imagine that winning the 2015 World Series would be bittersweet as it was for Kansas City Royals pitcher Edinson Volquez.
Volquez learned of his father’s death moments after pitching game 1 versus the New York Mets. While his teammates were celebrating their first victory of the World Series, Volquez was dealing with the loss of the man who helped him become a pelotero. “I remember he bought me my first glove and my first spikes, brought me to the field. He knew that’s what I wanted to be. I want to be a baseball player. And he gave me a lot of support,” said Volquez to The New York Times.
Some questioned whether Volquez should have been notified of his father’s death before he played in game 1. But Volquez maintains it was the right decision. Volquez told The New York Times: “I don’t think I am going to be able to pitch that day if I find out before the game.”
Volquez attended his father’s funeral in the Dominican Republic during a quick three-day trip before returning to pitch game 5 of the series. And in spite of the overwhelming pain, he, along with his team, won their first World Series in 30 years. He said the victory was more than bittersweet. “It’s painful,” he told The Kansas City Star. “But at the same time, we won the World Series, and we’ve got to enjoy the moment.”
Volquez, who honored his father by drawing his initials on the mound during game 5, said he wasn’t alone. “I feel like he was right behind me,” said Volquez adding, “You feel a lot of energy coming from the dirt, from the grass, all the way to your head.”
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