If You Are Still Dealing With F••kboys, Here Is Your Anthem To Empower You To Walk Away

Credit: KaliUchisVEVO / YouTube

“Want to take me out? You better ask permission.”

It looks like we may have a new Latina anthem on our hands thanks to Kali Uchis. The Colombian-American singer tackles love and commitment in her latest music video, “Only Girl,” and she makes it VERY CLEAR she’s in charge when it comes to matters of the heart. Like, she even sits on a man to let the world know she’s the boss. Never have pastels been so bold and strong. #Slayyy. Listen to it a few times, and you’ll also be singing, “If you want me to be yours, you got to make it known / Imma make you work for it like you’re on commission / Want to take me out, you better ask permission.”

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