Kali Uchis Makes You Feel Colombia’s Energy in Her Latest Video, ‘Ridin Round’

Pop singer Kali Uchis takes us on a trip to her native in Colombia in her latest video, “Ridin’ Round.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 3.21.06 PM

Credit: kali uchis / YouTube

Uchis, who has earned comparisons to Amy Winehouse, directed the video herself. P.S. Check out that cobija!

It starts with a speech that’ll sound familiar if you have a Latina mom…

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.47.33 PM

Kali gets a hardcore regaño for being lazy, so she hits the streets of Colombia to get her hustle on.

We get some shots of Kali rollin’ with some locals…


This guy gets handled for being nosy…


Then it’s time for a pit stop at the neighborhood market…


And one of the best eyerolls you’ll see anywhere…


Enough GIFs, watch it instead:

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