Justin Bieber was the Chambelan de Honor for this Quinceañera

One lucky Justin Bieber fan just had the quinceañera of her dreams. Ashley, a young Latina from Los Angeles, was diagnosed with meningitis last year forcing her to give up the quinceañera she had been planning for years. Bieber, with the help of the TV show Knock Knock Live, surprised Ashley with the quince she thought she’d never have.

First, Justin Bieber surprised Ashley at her home. *Knock, knock*

Credit: Fox / YouTube

Ashley couldn’t BELIEB it.


Oye, Bieber, ya saludaste?


Good job greeting all the family members, Justin. You were trained well on how to win over a Latino family.

Bieber hooked Ashley up with a new dress.

Credit: Fox / YouTube

And another hug.

Ashley was so grateful for her beautiful dress. But there was more to come…


Everyone cried tears of joy for Ashley.

Bieber wasted no time in taking Ashley out.


He later Instagrammed it, too.

Bieber and Ashley were off to a memorable night.

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Wow, Justin Bieber really knows how to throw a party.

Credit: Fox / YouTube

If the pop star thing doesn’t work out, he just might have a future in quinceañera planning. Hey Justin, pro tip: next time, wear a white tux if you’re gonna be the chambelan de honor.

After leading Ashley to her throne and giving her a crown…


The couple shared the first dance to Bieber’s song “Pray.”

What, no “Tiempo de Vals”?

And the tears started flowing.

Credit: Fox / YouTube

Grab the tissues, kiddos.

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Yo, Justin… abuelita might not be cool with you getting so close, though.


Bieber capped things off with a kiss.


Ashley could hardly contain her joy.

The moment resonated with Justin Bieber as well.

What a lucky girl.

Well done, Justin. Well done.

Check out the video here:

Credit: Fox / YouTube

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