Justin Bieber Got in Trouble in Mexico…For Trying to Climb on Ancient Ruins

Being a world famous pop star gives you a free pass to do anything, right? WRONG! Just ask Justin Bieber, who was asked to leave an archeological site in Tulum, Mexico when he tried to climb on some ancient ruins — apparently with his pants around his ankles. Yup, keep reading.

The Biebs was on vacation in the Yucatán Peninsula with his family – and entourage – when they took some time to visit the ancient and beautiful city of Tulum, Mexico. Bieber reportedly tried to climb a building that was designated as a “no access” zone. Security was quick to respond and tell Bieber that he was not allowed to climb on the building, but the Canadian pop star did not listen to authorities and attempted to climb on the building again. But that isn’t all. Since all the people in Bieber’s squad were upset authorities told them to not climb the building they reacted by pulling down their pants, according to Adriana Velazquez-Morlet, the director of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History.

“We have a very strict policy of conservation and respect of the Mexican cultural heritage that applies equally to all our visitors, whether or not they’re famous,” Velazquez-Morlet told People. ?

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Bieber has been all over the Yucatán Peninsula the past few days and, according to the photos, authorities should not have been surprised that he would try to climb a building. After all, he did climb:

A truck…

A rock…

And even a poor, innocent tree.

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