Juan Uribe & Hyun-Jin Ryu: Baseball’s Cutest BFFs

Juan Uribe and Hyun-Jin Ryu
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Proof that friendship transcends the language barrier.

This is L.A. Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe.

#Uribito is for the ladies. #JuanUribe #Dodgers #ITFDB #WeLoveLA

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Uribe, who is from the Dominican Republic, speaks Spanish.

Ex-teammate Hanley Ramirez used to make fun of Uribe’s loose grip of English.

For those of u who don't know how to say convertible..let #goribe show u.

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That’s Uribe’s take on the word “convertible.”

This is L.A. Dodgers pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu.


Ryu, who is from South Korea, usually has an interpreter to help him communicate with teammates, coaches and media.

Despite the language barrier, Uribe and Ryu have beome BFFs on the field…

And off.

They love each other!! ??????

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They’ve become each other’s shoulder to lean on.

#goribe sad about Ryus injury! Lol #ineedmydodgers #sportsnetla

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They’re entertaining even when they’re not on the field.

They’ve even got their own handshake.


They also take golf cart rides together.

The Ice Bucket Challenge? Yep, they did it.

But usually, they’re just fooling around in the dugout:


Here’s Uribe sharing his water with Ryu.


And here’s Ryu sharing his seeds with Uribe.


Uribe shows Ryu how to cool off with a little ice.


And Ryu shows Uribe he won’t take his bullying. *Boop.*

Sometimes their hijinks get to be a bit much.


And even if they get a little angry at each other …


They always find a way to make up.


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