The Late Jose Fernandez Was Honored By Players Around Major League Baseball

Six weeks after the funeral of baseball star Jose Fernandez, Major League Baseball announced that the late Miami Marlins pitcher was voted the National League’s 2016 Comeback Player of the Year by his peers. The Major League Baseball Players Association held its award ceremony earlier this week and Fernandez was among the winners. Baltimore Orioles outfielder Mark Trumbo won the award in the American League.

Voting took place in the middle of September, which means the vote was not influenced by the tragic death of Fernandez.

So why did Fernandez win the award? In 2014, the then-22-year-old pitcher had his season cut short by an elbow injury. He then sat out most of the 2015 season while he recovered from Tommy John surgery on his elbow. He returned to his first full season in 2016, where he posted a 16-8 record, struck out 253 batters and maintained an ERA of 2.86.

Miami Marlins president of baseball operations Mike Hill told USA Today it’s still difficult to believe Fernandez is gone: “That reality is hard to come to grips with because of how tremendously talented he was, and what he meant to our community.”

9 Latino Pin Collections You'll Want To Wear Every Day


9 Latino Pin Collections You’ll Want To Wear Every Day

Do you ever want to say something without saying it? We’ve got you. We’ve been eyeing these pins that help you shut down haters without wasting your breath on them.

This is perfect to give to that someone who’s always putting up with your craziness.

Courtesy of Protect Your Magic.
Courtesy of Protect Your Magic.

Because real love is far from perfect.

This pin collection has all of our favorite things.

Bella Donna
Courtesy of Bella Donna.

Literally everything from our favorite game, to favorite seasoning and even beer.

This delivers a subliminal message with a hint of 90s.

Shop Hermosa
Courtesy of Shop Hermosa.


You could totally get away with wearing this without outting yourself to your mom.

Es Super Fun
Courtesy of Es Super Fun.

It’s a cute Christmas tree! (Kanye shrug)

Wearing this is the perfect way to friendzone someone.

Courtesy of Not Your Chula.
Courtesy of Not Your Chula.


When carbs are life, you’d probably want to slap these on your denim jacket.

Courtesy of Duck Shots.

Courtesy of Jessika G.

Because the only way for some of us to get through life is by eating bread until we pass out.

This pin is an alternative to the two-part heart accessories everyone had in elementary school.

Courtesy of Knot Your Friend.


When your fave singer’s mood matches yours, you wear it on your jacket.

Courtesy Of Drunk Mother Dancing.

Because what’s better than letting your style do the talking?

And when you want the spiritual guidance of the great, you take him everywhere.

Courtesy of The Peralta Project.

Because abuelita knew what was up when she introduced the one and only, Walter Mercado.

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