Jorge Ramos Responds to Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan, then Drops the Mic

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After GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed his controversial plan for immigration reform, journalist Jorge Ramos sorted through the details and replied:


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OK, sorta.

Ramos fired out a series of tweets questioning Trump’s plan.

First, he pointed out that American businesses are profiting from immigration.

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Then Ramos reminded Trump about a little thing called the constitution…

And how expensive it would be to deport everyone.

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

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Remember all that talk about Mexicans being criminals?

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Not only is it expensive to deport immigrants, building a wall also costs $$$:

Then Ramos had some questions:

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

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Then he set his sights on not just Trump, but the GOP:

Credit: @jorgeramosnews / Twitter

Then dropped this gem about the growing political power of Latinos:


What do you think about Trump’s idea of mass deportations? mitú wants to know. Let us know in the comments below. 

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12 Latino Instagram Accounts that Will Make Your Mouth Water


12 Latino Instagram Accounts that Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Foodieluvalatina, Instagram Foodie

Who is this mystery woman who calls herself Foodieluvalatina? ¿Quién sabe? Her name isn’t listed on her social media but once you see her photos, you’ll have to follow her.

She shares hunger-pang inducing photos from her fave restaurants AND cooks up a storm, too. Just take a look at that chicken in sofrito with habichuelas and aguacate. ? ? ?

Javier Cabral, Editor and Punk Rock Lover

Cabral is the west coast editor for Vice’s food site, Munchies, and has quite the affinity for punk rock. He’s been quoted as saying, “What’s more punk rock than getting paid to write about food?”

Cabral, who worked as a food scout for Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold, will probably be the first to show you a dish from from a cool under-appreciated spot in Los Angeles.

Bricia Lopez-Maytorena, Restaurateur and Podcaster

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Lopez-Maytorena is a partner in her family’s restaurant La Guelaguetza (considered one of LA’s best Oaxacan restaurants). She also co-hosts the podcast Super Mamás with her sister.

Credit: bricialopez/Instagram

Consider her your virtual ambassador of Mexican eats. Her favs? Oaxacan cuisine and mezcal.

Natalia Carter, Blogger

Born and raised in Colombia, Carter now lives and eats in Los Angeles. She blogs about it on Comiendo en LA.

Her Instagram feed is full of delectable offerings from the city as well as her own creations.

Bill Esparza, Writer, Musician and Blogger

A total grandma’s boy, Esparza fell in love with Mexican food at her table and has since become a Latin American cuisines expert.

He reports on food and booze in L.A., Baja California, Mexico and pretty much all of Latin America. Esparza will inspire you to keep your passport up to date.

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Daniela Galarza, Editor


Galarza (left) is the news editor of Eater and describes herself as a “curious cook, baker, eater, reader, editor, writer.”

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So corny. #bagrubcrawl

A post shared by Daniela Galarza (@gdanielagalarza) on

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Maura Wall Hernandez, Editor and Blogger

Hernandez is the editor of latinamom.me and the founder of The Other Side of the Tortilla, a Mexican cooking, culture and travel blog. She also has a Tajín addiction like you wouldn’t believe.

Not only does she take vibrant photos, she hooks you up with unique recipes like the mangonada, a paleta made with mango, orange and lime juice. Oh, and a little Tajín.

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Juan Martinez, Mixologist

Martinez is a mixologist at Toca Madera restaurant and lounge, a hotspot in LA where you can get a shot of Clase Azul Extra Anejo tequila for a mere $400. GULP.

Martinez will stir the mixologist in you with images of craft cocktails that’ll get you buzzed just looking at them.

Adrianna Adarme, Blogger and Pie Maker

Adarme has a blog called A Cozy Kitchen. Her blog inspired a cookbook,  A Year of Cozy, which will be released this fall.

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Fresh out da oven 🍒❤️🍒❤️

A post shared by adrianna adarme (@acozykitchen) on

Clearly, she has a penchant for pies, but if pies aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Her Insta is full of plenty non-pie fare to drool over.

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Maria Sierra, YouTuber

“La Cooquette” describes herself as a “caffeinated Honduran in LA.” She shares fun recipes on YouTube such as ginger alfajores and coconut whipped cream.

She shares the ups and downs of cooking, like the time she made arepas for the first time and got burned in the process…but those arepas with ropa vieja look great, don’t they?

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Marcella Thompkins, Blogger

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Her food photos are obscene (in a good way). If you’re into food porn you’re gonna like her stuff.

Bren Herrera, Renaissance Woman

Credit: brenherrera/Instagram

It is no exaggeration to call Bren Herrera a “Renaissance woman.” She can cook, she can sing, she can write, she can style the heck out of clothes – you’d be hard pressed to find something that she’s not good at.

She’s the boss with oxtail and the things she does with flan will make you blush!

Who is your favorite foodie on Instagram? Which other Latino foodies should people follow? mitú wants to know. Leave us a note below!