This is Insane! The Craziest Bike Ride through Chile’s Streets You’ll Ever See


Extreme Touring

“You know when people come here and want to get a taste of el Valpo, they almost need to just go and get lost and disappear by themselves,” said a BMX bikers as he was flying down the hills of Valparaiso, Chile.

And in a town known for its extreme hills and windy roads, it’s easy to get lost. That’s exactly what BMX bikers Chris Van Dine, Aaron Chase and Brian Lopes set out to do when they decided to take us on a ride down “Valpo’s” hills with a GoPro.

“It’s like a sensory overload when you’re flying down through the streets,” one of the bikers said. “You only have to let off the brakes for a second when you’re going blurry fast.” But in spite of their unbelievable speed down the hills, the bikers gave us an incredible tour through the streets of the colorful city by the Pacific, former town of poet, Pablo Neruda.

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