People Are Loving This John Legend And Mariah Carey Christmas Duet

Who doesn’t love a surprise John Legend performance? That’s just what concertgoers at Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” witnessed recently at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Mariah Carey fans went crazy when John Legend appeared to sing “When Christmas Comes.”

What even is life?! ?? “When Christmas Comes,” which appeared on Carey’s “Merry Christmas II You” album, is a duet that originally featured Legend, so his appearance shouldn’t have been a *total* surprise. But the fans still ate it up.

The video was originally posted by @iamawong, despite what Carey’s tweet says.

No shade. Just setting the record straight.

People could not contain their excitement over the live duet featuring two music legends.

Pun fully intended.

The duet appears to have satisfied people’s Mariah Carey Christmas music fix.

For real, though. Mariah Carey is definitely THE queen of Christmas. It is like her entire career is based off of the holiday.

It was definitely a nice treat for people who traveled thousands of miles for the show.

But, like, do you love Mariah or nah?

Who would have thought that one concert could be so impactful?

This is why Mariah Carey is the queen.

BONUS: Here is the “When Christmas Comes” music video.

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