Yo, Jimmy Fallon Did The Running Man Challenge And Proved He’s Got Moves


Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

“It’s good… I just don’t know if I could…”

Who knew Jimmy Fallon had such quick feet? After a “Tonight Show” viewer emailed Fallon asking him to take the viral “Running Man Challenge,” the 41-year-old host showed he can hold his own on the dance floor. At first, Fallon looked reluctant to give it a shot but after a bit of pressure from the studio audience, Fallon obliged. Fallon walked to the center of the stage, Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” hit and a mystery guest was revealed: Carmelo Anthony. The New York Knicks star showed off his signature smile, but his running man definitely left a bit to be desired. Maybe he didn’t want to pull a hammy.

Anthony didn’t just dance, he also revealed that his son learned Snapchat filters thanks to Jimmy Fallon:

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

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15 Things Latino Parents Have Definitely Threatened Us With


15 Things Latino Parents Have Definitely Threatened Us With

Iinstagram / LeJuanJames

If you still cringe when you hear someone count to 3 slowly in Spanish, you are not alone. Together, we can seek closure. Or an affordable therapist.

1. A “Pow-Pow”

Aw. sounds so cute now: “pow-pow.”

2. Un Chancletazo


ProTip: Next Mother’s Day, buy your mom the softest flip-flops ever.

3. Una galleta.

Credit: @OhReg / Twitter
Credit: Mitú / Regina Castañeda

Literally: a cracker. Non-literally: a smack across the face. It’s confusing: your mind gets worried, but your body gets hungry.

4. Threatening to stop the car.

Credit: knowyourmeme.com / Google

Stopping the car means the driver now has two hands available for smacking.

5. Taking your phone away.


(As you got older, obvi. “Solo los malcriados” have phones at a young age.) It’s scary knowing your parents have access to your texts and pics… until you remember they don’t know how to use their own phone.

6. Separation from your siblings.

Credit: simpsonsworld.com / Giphy

So what if you made your baby brother bleed? You toughened him up; he’ll thank you later! Pero like, after the stitches wear off.

7. Not letting you see your primos

Credit: Reddit

Which sucks, because those are the only people your mom trusts without having to do a background check on, find a credit report for, or have investigators follow.

8. Never letting you sleep over.

Sometimes because you misbehaved, sometimes because of lice, sometimes because your parents watch too much crime news.

9. The cocotazo!

Credit: Comcast Sportsnet / bleacherreport.com / Twitter / Google

Maybe it’s “coco”-tazo because it feels like a coconut landing on your head? You know, if instead of dropping coconuts, palm trees threw them at you.

10. Un sopapo.

At first you’re trying not to laugh because that word is hilarious…

Credit: SNL / NBC / forthegreatergoodofalbion.tumblr.com / Giphy

Then you remember the last time you received one…

Credit: nbcsnl.tumblr.com / Giphy

11. Un bofetón.

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LMFAO #Bofeta #500mg #RP

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See also: una bofetada, boféta… So many ways to say it, so little time (to run).

12. Una patada al culo.


RUN or ponte pá tu número STAT.

13. Un pescoset.

And it does NOT involve a spoonful of sugar.

14. El cinturón.

Credit: WWE / ilovewrestlinggifs.tumblr.com / Giphy

Even just the mere mention of it made you stop whatever you were doing: “A las una… a las dos… y…”

And, finally…

15. Death itself.

Credit: giphy.com/whitneycummingshbo

“If you endanger your life by getting a motorcycle, te voy a matar.” Wait. What?

So remember kids, no matter how many times your parents feign ignorance by saying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you kids,” they already have 142 options in mind.

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What would your loving parents threaten you with? Mitú wants to know; comment below.

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