Jennifer Lopez Teamed Up With Legendary Brazilian Singer Roberto Carlos For A Duet

Credit: JenniferLopezVEVO / YouTube

“Chegaste” is Portuguese for “You’ve arrived.”

You’ve probably heard Jennifer Lopez’s recent Spanish-language single with ex-husband Marc Anthony, “Olvídame y Pega la Vuelta.” The dramatic, epic track is definitely a far cry from the club ready pop music you’ve often heard from J.Lo. Now, Lopez has appeared on another song that shows she’s continuing to veer away from pop — for now.

Lopez teamed up with Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos on “Chegaste,” a sweet, acoustic guitar-driven song that will make you sway back and forth at your desk. If Brazil has a version of “Grey’s Anatomy,” this is the song that would play at the end of an episode. You know, the episode when McWhoeverIsTheCoolCuteDoctorNow rushes back into the hospital to proclaim his love for his colleague in front of sick patients and fellow staff members.

“Honored & excited 2 have worked w/ such a living legend like @robertocarlos,” wrote Lopez on Twitter.

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