Jennifer Lopez Let Loose On Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

Credit: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube

“Five proposals? So how do you say no?”

If you love Jennifer Lopez and you love James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke,” you’re in for a treat. Lopez recently joined Corden for a ride and the two sang their hearts out to J.Lo songs such as “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and the Spanish-language hit “Qué Hiciste.” In between songs, Lopez revealed she’s been proposed to FIVE times, which means she had to say no to a couple of guys. After talking to Corden about rumors that she had her butt insured, Lopez lent Corden her phone so he could text a random celebrity. His choice? Leonardo DiCaprio.

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These Songs About Food Are Pretty Dirty And You Didn’t Even Realize It As A Kid

Food & Drink

These Songs About Food Are Pretty Dirty And You Didn’t Even Realize It As A Kid

Credit: Pollito con Papas/Los Vaskez/Discos CBS International

Whether you are a Latino foodie or someone who likes to use food as code for carnal pursuits, we’ve got the perfect playlist for you. Get ready to get your groove on and don’t be surprised if you find yourself hungry for food – or a little sumthin’ sumthin’ if you know what we mean.

“Pollito con Papas” by Los Vaskez

pollito con papas
Credit: Pollito con Papas/Los Vaskez/Discos CBS International

We’re thinking the finger lickin’ good chicken legs may belong to a chick, not a chicken. Oh and doesn’t that pollo on the album cover look more like a turkey?

“La Mayonesa” by  Chocolate

Credit: Mayonesa/Chocolate/Fonovisa

A group named Chocolate singing about mayonnaise? Estos mañosos are not singing about a condiment that you put on sandwiches. They’re going on and on about getting whipped up into a creamy and dizzying frenzy by a woman with a tattoo on her back. ?

“La Papa Sin Catsup” by Gloria Trevi

mas turbada que nunca
Credit: Más Turbada Que Nada/Gloria Trevi/BMG Ariola

Trevi uses her signature growl on this song from the album “Más Turbada Que Nunca” to explain that some dumbass has left her like fries without ketchup. But the best line has got to be when she says she was left like “un nopal sin lo baboso y el baboso eres tú!”

“Arroz con Habichuela” by El Gran Combo

Arroz con Habichuela El Gran Combo
Credit: Arroz con Habichuela/El Gran Combo/Norte

This song isn’t literally about rice and beans, it’s about “sabor, sabor, sabor de la vieja escuela, salsa caribeña, rumba, plena.”

“Caramelo y Chocolate” by Sexteto Juventud

Sexteto Juventud
Credit: La Magia del Sexteto/Sexteto Juventud/Velvet

The chocolate and caramel is actually a nena that is so freakin’ sweet she’ll put you in danger of dying from diabetes.

“Patacón Pisao” by Johnny Ventura

El Caballo Negro Johnny Ventura
Credit: El Caballo Negro/Johnny Ventura/Combo

So this dude, who is married to Josefa, only wants to get down with pescado and “patacón pisao pisao.” But Josefa is not puttin’ out the fish or smashin’ this guy’s banana. Pobrecito.

“Camarón Pelao” by Los Polifaceticos

Credit: EMI Televisa

Hmmm, maybe this one really is about shrimp “con salsita y con limon” because no man in his right mind really wants to compare any part of himself to a little shrimp, right?

“A Mi Me Gustan Las Pupusas”  by Grupo Invasion

A Mi Me Gustan Las Pupusas
Credit: A Mi Me Gustan Las Pupusas/Grupo Invasion/Photomaster Records

There is no denying that “pupusas con curtido y salsa de tomate” are delicious even if they aren’t served by a lady wearing an apron and tiny chonies.

“Caldo de Pollo” by Grupo Mojado

Grupo Mojado
Credit: Sueño y Realidad/Grupo Mojado/Fonovisa

These boys have the recipe for happiness. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pay the rent or your the love of your life just dumped you “con el caldo de pollo se quita todo mal.”

“La Arepa” by Aniceto Molina

La Arepa Aniceto Molina
Credit: Paquetazo de Colección/Aniceto Molina

“Margarita vende arepas calientes,” but she makes a special one that she doesn’t sell to just anyone. In order to let someone eat the special arepa, she has to be sure. That sounds like a lot of commitment for an arepa.

“La Tortilla” by Joe Cuba

Credit: Recuerdos de Mi Querido Barrio/Joe Cuba/Tico Records

He’s singin’ about how much he wants to taste the tortilla, but I guess THAT tortilla is kind of hard to get.

“Salchica con Huevo” by Jimmy Sabater

Jimmy Sabater Solo
Credit: Solo/Jimmy Sabater/Tico Records

“Salchicha con huevo me pidio al amanecer.” No she didn’t! That means she spent the night and she still wanted sausage and eggs for breakfast. Naughty!

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