January Babies, Here’s What Your Name Would Be If You Were Named After Your Santo

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If you grew up Catholic, chances are there’s someone in your family who was named after their Santo. It might be one of your grandparents, an uncle, aunt, family friend or even one of your parents. If you aren’t named after a santo, you’ve probably wondered what your name would have been. Well, January babies, we’ve got answers for you.

*This is just for fun and not completely accurate so don’t roast your parents for almost giving you a name that you didn’t want.

If You Thought Gerardo Ortiz Singing Bachata Would Sound Bad, You're Wrong


If You Thought Gerardo Ortiz Singing Bachata Would Sound Bad, You’re Wrong

Credit: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

“Yo creo que esta encerrado.”

The music video for “Moneda,” the Prince Royce duet with regional Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz, features a love story between a Dominican and a Mexican. No, not Royce and Ortiz. Actor Jacob Vargas (“Luke Cage,” “Sons Of Anarchy”) plays the role of Francisco, Royce’s and Ortiz’s fictional manager. Francisco, described by Ortiz as a “crazy Mexican,” is in a relationship with Isabel, a woman described by Royce as a “crazy Dominican.” Sounds like they were made for each other. Unfortunately for Royce and Ortiz, their manager is M.I.A. after an argument with Isabel. What will bring them together? Take a wild guess. A bigger surprise than the ending is Ortiz’s vocals, which fit seamlessly with the slinky guitars of Royce’s urban bachata.

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