J.Lo Broke Down During This Emotional American Idol Performance And We Can’t Blame Her

Jennifer Lopez showed a level of emotion we RARELY see from the Puerto Rican signer: she cried. And it wasn’t a one-tear-down-the-cheek cry, it was a cry-so-hard-you-can-barely-get-a-word-out cry. That’s right, during last night’s “American Idol,” JLo broke down in tears after La’Porsha Renae’s rendition of “No More Drama.” Before her performance, Renae opened up about dealing with an abusive relationship, and it totally struck a nerve with Lopez.

J.Lo was definitely feeling La’Porsha Renae’s performance from the jump.

Credit: American Idol / YouTube / American Idol / Fox

It’s even better when you realize JLo was singing along to the backup singers, really letting Renae shine like only she can.

And then, as tears began to flow from Renae’s eyes, JLo’s own emotions started to take over.

Credit: American Idol / YouTube / American Idol / Fox

“It take a lot to overcome those things in your life, baby,” JLo said as she tried to choke back her tears. “Honestly, you’re an inspiration. It was beautiful and you don’t overdo it. It was powerful. Thank you for that moment.”

Credit: American Idol / YouTube / American Idol / Fox

Seriously. The emotion in the performance to so strong it’s hard not to cry when you watch it.

Check out the full performance below!

Credit: American Idol / YouTube / American Idol / Fox

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