It’s Time To Pick A Side: Is “Suavemente” The Jam Or Is It Super Annoying?

You’re at a party. The drinks have just started to kick in and people are getting chatty. The ice has broken and people are ready to dance. Whether there’s a DJ or someone is playing music out of a bluetooth speaker, there always seems to be one song that gets played first:


Credit: ElvisCrespoVEVO / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: ElvisCrespoVEVO / YouTube

No, you’re not on drugs. That’s a clip from Crespo’s official video.

Now, you’re either on Team OMG-NOT-THIS-SONG-AGAIN…

Never fails!

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You feel like you’ve heard “Suavemente” 2,534,288 times throughout your life (and that’s 2,534,261 too many).


Credit: Дело Вкуса / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Дело Вкуса / YouTube

You’re the one who jumps out of the seat the second you hear Crespo sing “Suavementeeeeeeeh.” By the time Crepo sings “Be – sa – me,” you’re already sweating on the dance floor.

That’s it. There’s only two teams. Because I said so. OK, so which team are you on?

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Here Are 11 #ObamaFarewell Tweets That Run The Emotional Spectrum


Here Are 11 #ObamaFarewell Tweets That Run The Emotional Spectrum

@natalie4160 / Twenty20

People are still reacting to President Barack Obama’s farewell speech from last night and things are getting emotional. From tears of gratitude to tears of grief, here are some reactions to Obama’s farewell as he starts to leave the White House.

President Barack Obama gave his farewell speech last night and it turned into a tear-filled event as Americans bade farewell to their president of eight years.

It’s okay, buddy. We aren’t losing him forever, he just can’t be the president anymore.

There was some talk of the good times, like President Obama’s epic mic drop moment.

This will no doubt go down as one of the most iconic moments of his presidential legacy.

But not all of the tears shed were in grief. Some were just moved by their own gratitude.

? ? ✊

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo thanked Obama for his tireless work that “moved America forward.”


People are taking Obama’s final message of unity to heart.

Because, as Obama once said, “There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America. There’s the United States of America.”

Celebs like Jaime Camil expressed how they will miss Obama in the coming years.

❤️ ❤️ ?

Gina Rodriguez shared the same emotion but also gave Obama some nice words.

Perhaps she can write him a letter of recommendation for his future job search.

Of course, it is Twitter, so people had to draw comparisons between President Obama and Donald Trump.


Some even took a shot at Obama’s own words about what is next for the country.


? ? ?

Clearly Jerry Springer couldn’t be left behind because, well, Jerry Springer.

Nobody does shade like Jerry Springer.

But Lin-Manuel Miranda summed up what so many Americans are thinking right now about President Barack Obama.

Thank you indeed.

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