It’s Time To Pick A Side: Is “Suavemente” The Jam Or Is It Super Annoying?

You’re at a party. The drinks have just started to kick in and people are getting chatty. The ice has broken and people are ready to dance. Whether there’s a DJ or someone is playing music out of a bluetooth speaker, there always seems to be one song that gets played first:


Credit: ElvisCrespoVEVO / YouTube

No, you’re not on drugs. That’s a clip from Crespo’s official video.

Now, you’re either on Team OMG-NOT-THIS-SONG-AGAIN…

You feel like you’ve heard “Suavemente” 2,534,288 times throughout your life (and that’s 2,534,261 too many).


Credit: Дело Вкуса / YouTube

You’re the one who jumps out of the seat the second you hear Crespo sing “Suavementeeeeeeeh.” By the time Crepo sings “Be – sa – me,” you’re already sweating on the dance floor.

That’s it. There’s only two teams. Because I said so. OK, so which team are you on?

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