It’s Been 14 Years Since Ya guey De Edgar. WTH Is He Up To Now?

Fourteen years ago, Edgar MartĂ­nez was pushed off a log by his primo, Fernando. The incident was filmed and posted on YouTube, amassing nearly 70 million views. So, what has he been up to lately? Let’s catch up.


Credit: YouTube / kalosmail

A year after the Ya guey, Edgar starred in a spoof commercial for Gamesa Emperador cookies.

Credit: Gamesa Emperador / mexicanleague

Revenge is revenge.

He went on to do several interviews, including going on Televisa’s “Otro Rollo.”

Credit: Televisa / Rey Morales

Seriously, how many times can the hosts repeat Edgar’s famous last words?

At first, kids at school bullied Edgar, but when the clip went viral, Ă©l se volviĂł sĂșper famoso.

Credit: Apple / CNet

People would approach him on the streets, ask him for photos and autographs. But all the attention bummed him out in the end. ?

Still, he looks at the whole thing as a great learning experience.

Credit: NBC / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“I think sometimes things happen that suddenly change your life, but it all depends on one just taking things in the best way, and always with a smile,” he said.

Now 25 years old, Edgar is a communications student and has big dreams of becoming a TV presenter.


Credit: ParaCaballerosOficial / Tumblr

Edgar won us over with his “Ya guey

meme,” and he’s still got it going on!

Credit: Primera Plana / YouTube

Edgar’s story has taught us a lot: If you’re the victim of bullying, just make sure you have a bomb catch phrase.

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