Itatí Cantoral To Resurrect Soraya Montenegro On “Orange Is The New Black” Season 4

Sheeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaaaack!

Credit: Maria la del Barrio / Televisa / Geekylaughifs / Tumblr

“María la del Barrio” may have ended 10 years ago, but we’re still so obsessed with Soraya’s savage ways – so much so that we still surf the internet with the sole purpose of finding a new Soraya meme. Well there’s good news: Soraya fans are about finally going to get their fix.

Itatí Cantoral, who played the part of Soraya, announced Saturday to Mexican news outlet Excelsior that Soraya Montenegro will make a comeback as an inmate on this season of “Orange is the New Black.”

And it gets better… Apparently she is going to recreate the famous “¡¡Maldita Lisiada!!” scene with the help of Esperanza (Adriana Welter).

Credit: Maria la del Barrio / Televisa / geekylaugifs / Tumblr

“It’s incredible! Because they are going to put the most important Mexican villain, Soraya, in jail,” she told Excelsior. “They are going to adapt the role to the series tone and will make her a murderer.”

Telenovela villains in our favorite series? Our prayers have been answered ??.

Itatí says she decided to accept Netflix’s offer because it “was time to bring Soraya back” and “because the text [from the scene] is great!”

Yaaaaas! Thank you, Itatí. And thank you, Netflix!

Season 4 of “Orange Is The New Black” will be available stream on Netflix June 17th. Let the meme-fest begin.

Learn more about Soraya’s soon-to-be epic comeback here.

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