No Matter Who You Root For, This Goal Celebration Will Fire You Up

What would soccer be without goal celebrations? They make the beautiful game even more exciting. Imagine watching your favorite team score a hard-fought goal, then watching them immediately run back to the midfield line so the match could resume ASAP. Would you you want to watch that? Not me.

Sometimes, goal celebrations are the most creative thing you’ll see during a match. Like this 5-man bicycle:

Credit: Univision

And sometimes, it’s just an expression of pure joy. Like this collective cumbia dance by Colombia:

Credit: FIFA / BBC

Well, chances are that you’ve never seen the greatest* goal celebration in soccer history.

Credit: Netflix

*To me, at least.

Yes, really. It happened on March 15, 2009, during a match between hated rivals Chivas and Atlas, both from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Credit: Telemundo

Atlas, who were down a man, won a penalty in the dying minutes of the match.

Argentine striker Bruno Marioni scored the penalty to win the game. He celebrated this way:

Credit: Televisa

That’s right. While basking in the glory of his game-winning goal, someone in the stands threw a plastic cup filled with beer at Marioni. Instead of ducking out of the way and feigning injury, Marioni caught the cup, took a swig and threw the cup down.

Credit: Televisa

It’s either the best “Fuck yeah!” or best “Fuck you!” move I’ve seen during a soccer match. Honestly, it works as both.

Now, it’s hard to tell whether the beer was thrown by an Atlas fan who was celebrating or a Chivas fan who was pissed — beer is usually tossed in the air for either reason — but what’s clear is that Marioni is a LEGEND.

There’s another angle of the goal — think of it as the Zapruder film of this match —  that shows what went down. Look at what angle that beer comes down from. Nice catch, Mr. Marioni.

Credit: chivista1819 / YouTube

It definitely fired up Marioni’s teammate…

Credit: Televisa

But not this security guard on the left, who’s apparently seen everything.

Credit: Televisa

During the celebration, Marioni’s other teammate quickly transitions from “Mourning dead soldier pose” to “UFC-level rear naked choke.”

Credit: chivista1819 / YouTube

But wait! They weren’t done. Marioni then gathered a few of his teammates for a little ride. Which kinda isn’t cool because drunk driving is a serious offense.

Credit: chivista1819 / YouTube

But Marioni only took a sip of that beer, so we’ll cut him some slack.

It’s considered an iconic moment in Atlas team history, not because they haven’t won a championship in more than 60 years*, but because it’s one of the greatest goal celebrations of all time. OF ALL TIME!

*This is where it becomes clear I’m a Chivas fan.

Watch a full clip of the celebration here (just make sure to turn off the annotations):

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