Is This The Best Soccer Goal Of The Year? You Decide

CONCACAF, the soccer confederation representing North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, has awarded the 2016 Goal of the Year to Jesus Manuel “Tecatito” Corona of Mexico.

CREDIT: Univision Deportes / YOUTUBE

In the clip of the award-winning goal, above, Mexico’s Tecatito puts on a clinic of footwork as he effortlessly charges past several opposing players from Venezuela’s team to score the game-tying goal in a pivotal Copa América match.

It certainly made this fan go nuts:

Credit: Univision / YouTube

But was it really the Goal of the Year? Before you mention someone from South America or Europe, remember that only players from CONCACAF were eligible for the award.

The runner up was Eduardo Herrera of Pumas (Mexico), who scored with an impressive bicycle kick.


The jaw-dropping kick occurred this past August, and helped the Pumas secure a victory over Honduras Progreso, Goal reported. But should have CONCACAF given it the Goal of the Year for 2016,?

The other runner up for CONCACAF’s Goal of the Year was Alexander Larin of Alianza FC (El Salvador), with this free kick against New York Red Bulls.


Though the game eventually ended in a draw, Larin’s amazing kick for Alianza FC would have been a highlight in any game.

So, which goal should have won CONCACAF’s Goal of the Year?


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