Is This Racist Or Nah? This Dude Just Made An ‘English Only’ Rule For His Restaurant

Welcome back to one of We Are mitú’s favorite games*: Three Strikes of Intolerance. When people or companies claim their practices are not prejudiced, we scrutinize what they’ve said versus what they really mean. Three strikes, and we call you out. Today’s contestant is Ron Schneider, owner of Leon’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, Wisc. The restaurant is facing criticism after instituting an “English only” rule at their establishment. The owner claims the practice of refusing to speak Spanish to customers is actually the best thing for everyone, i.e. people who speak English. Is Ron right, or is this custard’s last stand? Let’s find out!

Schneider told local ABC affiliate WISN that his policy is more about making as much money as possible.

Strike 1, Ron.

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Schneider says: “I’m trying not to encourage [Spanish] because this is going to be a problem down the road. We can’t be the United Nations. They got translators. We don’t.”

Strike 2. I didn’t think anyone could give custard such a bad name. 

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“My wife is Hispanic. My children are Hispanic. Anyone that wants to call me racist on that basis, maybe we should settle it the old-fashioned American way in the alley.”

Swing and a miss. Strike 3.

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Hit the showers, Ron. You’re done.

*This is the first time we’ve actually played this, but by the time you read this, it’ll be too late for you to care.

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