Irish People Trying Tequila Is Exactly What You’d Expect

The people who helped bring us whiskey slightly struggled with tequila.

The people of Facts. love doing taste tests and it was only a matter of time until they landed on tequila. Six Irish people descent sat down and tasted four different tequilas: Sauza Gold, el Jimador Silver, Arette Añejo and Don Julio Añejo. Just like everyone else, the reactions to the tequila was split but hearing them discuss how the tequila affects them with their Irish accents adds to the comedy. Like, honestly, what are you like after four shots of tequila?

From the beginning, people were on different sides of testing tequila.

Facts. / YouTube

Raise your hand if you have a friend like her. ???

Clearly a couple people misjudged the challenge.

Facts. / YouTube

We all know how it feels to get past that first shot.

Like, totally overestimated their tolerance for tequila.

Facts. / YouTube

Famous last words.

But, in the end, these folks had nothing but appreciation for Mexican ingenuity.

Facts. / YouTube

Even though they might be too sloshed to give a proper fist bump.

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