Why Mexico is Playing Such an Important Role for Cubans

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Now, more than ever, Cubans are fleeing Cuba. But not everyone is opting for the old raft-to-Florida plan. You see, now, thanks to improved relations, if a Cuban person reaches U.S. soil, no matter the point or means of entry, they’re allowed to stay and become legal residents after a year.

This means Cubans are taking advantage of the “safe passage” visas handed out in Mexico. Seven out of ten Cubans now make make the trek to arrive in Mexico, collect their visas and head straight to U.S. borders.

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It doesn’t mean things are easy.  Rolando Yanes Fabrega, who escaped to Quito, Ecuador from Cuba — Ecuador stopped requiring visas in 2008 — still has to travel through Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to make it to Mexico. To complicate matters, the U.S. — afraid of the influx of immigration — is supposedly pressuring Mexico to deport any Cuban trying to reach the states.

But these obstacles are not stopping Cubans. “Everyone who is able to leave Cuba is leaving,” Alexy Ribero Martínez told Vice News. “Those who can’t leave now will be stuck there.”

Read more stories of Cubans’ traveling through Latin America to the U.S. here.

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Aww, Manu Ginobili's Bald Spot is All Grown Up Now


Aww, Manu Ginobili’s Bald Spot is All Grown Up Now


Have you ever watched Manu Ginobili during a Spurs game and had the urge to do this?U0eyE2P

We’ve ALL had that urge. What most of us haven’t realized, though, is that Manu’s bald spot has gone through A LOT.

Early in his career, Emmanuel “Manu” Ginobili was a clean cut kid from Argentina.

Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty

Eventually, he grew his hair out. It was all over the place, much like his style of play.

Credit: Brian Bahr / Getty

But when he cut it short in 2007, it was clear he was hiding something: a baby bald spot.

Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty

The baby bald spot just wanted to shine…

Credit: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty

But Manu would hide it with hats…

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

And his teammate, Tim Duncan, covered it up whenever he had a chance.

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

But no matter what happened, the baby bald spot continued to grow…

Credit: Ronald Martinez

It grew stronger and stronger…

Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty

And by 2010, it became a boisterous teenage bald spot.

Credit: Christian Petersen / Getty

It was slowly finding strength. When others tried to cover it up, it persevered and found a way into the light.

Credit: Andy Lyons / Getty

Soon, Ginobili’s bald spot was STRONG.

Credit: Steve Dykes / Getty

Even his teammates couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

Credit: Harry How / Getty

And eventually, Ginobili became a PROUD bald spot dad. Here, Tim Duncan tries to cover it up once again…

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

But Ginobili is having NONE of it. “Leave my bald spot alone, Timmy!”

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

From then on, Ginobili and his bald spot went through tough times…

Credit: Steve Dykes / Getty

And good times…


And they even won over the bald spot’s biggest hater, Tim Duncan.

Credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty

Ginobili’s teammates were inspired by the way he and his bald spot carried themselves.

Credit: Chris Covatta / Getty

And now in 2015, Ginobili’s bald spot is all grown up and IMPOSSIBLE to miss.gino-full-on-495014904

Credit: Chris Covatta / Getty

How time flies. Thank you, Manu. Thank you and your bald spot for taking us on this journey.


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