In The ’80s, Hundreds Were Killed In A Massacre That Shook Guatemala… Two Boys Survived

Credit: Finding Oscar / YouTube

“No one knew of the horror.”

In 1982, during Guatemala’s civil war, more than 200 people from the village of Dos Erres in the town of La Libertad, were killed in a massacre carried out by government forces. The soldiers, who were under the command of Guatemalan President General Efraín Ríos Montt, spared nearly no one, killing women, children and the elderly. Many of them were of Mayan descent.

A new documentary, “Finding Oscar,” chronicles the search of two boys who escaped death during the Dos Erres massacre. The boys, named Oscar and Ramiro, were kidnapped and raised by soldiers who participated in the massacre. The feature-length documentary follows the people from both Guatemala and the United States who spent years digging up proof that the government was involved in the massacre. Their hard work led to an official acknowledgement in 2011 from then-President Alvaro Colom, who apologized to the relatives of the victims.

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