In Texas, Undocumented Construction Workers Are The New Slaves

Credit: Chelsea Hernandez / Vimeo

It’s difficult to watch the crowdfunding trailer to “Building The American Dream” and not get angry. The film highlights the key role that undocumented construction workers have had in Texas’ economic boom. Even as immigrants are propping up the state’s economic growth, they face harsh working conditions that fall well into the realm of exploitation. Every day, they face dangerous environments, low pay, uncertainty, no benefits of any kind, and if that wasn’t enough, these overburdened workers are constantly being vilified on television by politicians in need of a platform.

If you want to politicize their existence, that’s on you. But these are people motivated by what we all want: A place to call our own and the ability to live a life with some level of self-determination. Sadly, these high-risk, low-paying jobs are what is typically available for men and women who don’t happen to have that piece of paper. If there is one bit of inspiration in their struggle, it’s the fortitude and dignity with which they carry themselves in spite of the conditions they endure. If these workers are able to achieve this much with so many restrictions facing them, imagine the level of greatness this country could achieve if they’re given a fighting chance.

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