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In Ruthless Raid Of The Midwest, Feds Arrest Over 300 Immigrants

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For the past month, the feds have had one thing prominently on their agenda: deportation. They have successfully detained 331 undocumented immigrants in the broad net they’ve been casting since May. Fox News Latino reports they focused on “people who had ignored deportation orders, who had criminal convictions and who had re-entered the country after being expelled, among others.”

The raid, which took place in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana and Missouri, began May 9th and ended June 20th.

Besides separating these people from their families, what’s also receiving a lot of criticism is that these undocumented immigrants who’ve put half a toe out of line get lumped in with child molesters and murderers in an aggressive raid.

In a country where shootings take place every single day in growing masses, we have to wonder if undocumented Latinos should really be the focus right now. With all due respect to Mr. Trump (zero), we think there are bigger issues than immigration.

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You Won't Believe This Politician's Racist Campaign Slogan. Seriously, You Won't


You Won’t Believe This Politician’s Racist Campaign Slogan. Seriously, You Won’t


Obnoxious bigots are like roaches. If you see one on television running for president, you know there’s plenty more elsewhere running for other offices. Meet Rick Tyler. He’s running for Kentucky’s 3rd congressional district, and the political hopeful recently bought ad space on a roadside billboard in Polk County, Tenn., with a message that perfectly highlights what issue he cares most about. That message?

Make America White Again.

Credit: News Channel 9 / ABC

And just so we’re on the same page, Rick Tyler is talking about the kind of white we’re all sure he’s talking about. This isn’t some clever ploy for him to stir up interest in a post-Labor Day white sale. When James Torrez, a reporter for local ABC affiliate WTVC, asked Tyler to explain what “Make America White Again” means, he brought up his childhood, when a person could sleep with their doors unlocked, the U.S. was 85 percent white, and you didn’t have to worry about brown people having civil rights. Look, I’m all for nostalgia, but Tyler’s brand of entitled, nostalgic racism seems to be en vogue these days.

Just when you thought billboards couldn’t get any classier.

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Rick Tyler is basically Donald Trump’s Google Search bar. When Trump says something like, “Make American Great again,” Rick corrects him with, “did you mean ‘Make America White Again’?” You can take anything Trump has said or implied during his presidential bid and assume that Tyler has probably said the exact same thing, only he’s trimmed out all the tactful political jargon in favor of of good old fashioned racism.

As of this writing, Rick Tyler’s website has crashed worse than Trump’s presidential campaign. Maybe at their next Hydra meeting, Tyler can ask for a better server.

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