If You’re Dominican, These Hilarious Videos Totally Speak Your Language

Do the words “Dominican Family Guy” ring a bell? If so, you’re probably familiar with the work of El Viejo Brother.

Credit: elhaly 16 / YouTube

He’s a self-described singer/comedian/voice over who gained a bit of a cult following on MySpace (yes, MySpace!) for dubbing clips of “Family Guy” in Spanish – Dominican Spanish.

You can now find some of those clips on YouTube. After the virtual death of MySpace, El Viejo Brother moved to Facebook and Instagram, where he posts dubbed clips of celebrities, sports personalities and musicians. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

Drake reveals where the dance for “Hotline Bling” originated.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

J. Cole explains where he got the idea for one of his greatest hits.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Justin Bieber shows off a trick he does with his mouth.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Spongebob and Patrick can’t get Squidward to go out to smoke some hookah.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

James Harden gets called out for being a “roba gallina.”

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

There’s also the time Leonardo DiCaprio accepted an award en Español.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi wasn’t happy with his order of moro de gandules.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Drake gets invited to a game of dominoes.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Kanye and Kim do a little dance.

kaña Oeste Le Dedica Una Cancion A Las Chapas De KimGarcia Usando El Tema De @Clasifica2c2 y @shelowshaq_???

A video posted by ?ElviejoBrother? (@elviejobrother) on

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Ron Harper calls out his homie for sticking him with a bar tab.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

And this grandpa puts a youngster in his place.

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

Don’t worry, you’ll still find plenty of “Dominican Family Guy.”

Credit: @elviejobrother / Instagram

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Gina Rodriguez: "I Slay, OK? Like, Slaaaaaayyy!”


Gina Rodriguez: “I Slay, OK? Like, Slaaaaaayyy!”


We don’t have to tell Gina Rodriguez that she’s kicking a$$ because she knows it!

On a new episode of “I Yahoo’d Myself,” the actress told it like it is, “If we want to talk about real life, I slay, OK? Like, slaaaaaayyy!”

Rodriguez was talking about the difficulties of fitting into Hollywood norms with host Joe Zee. “It was going to be very difficult for me to fit into Hollywood’s perception of what an ingenue is or a leading lady.” But, IRL, Rodriguez sees herself as a damn good leading lady.

The two also gabbed about inner beauty, lingerie and makeup. “The idea of makeup and hair is to just enhance our inner beauty not hide or deny that what we already begin with, our palette that we begin with is not freaking awesome.”

While Rodriguez admits she’s not a sample size, she confesses she’s not immune to the pressures of the industry, “…Of course I’ve fallen into the culture. One hundred percent I’ve fallen into the culture.” She admits cameras do add 10 pounds, but that’s ok because it’s beautiful, too.

And Rodriguez is a fangirl, just like us. She gushed about her choreographed duet to “Toxic” with Ms. Britney Spears herself and, not-so-secretly, hopes Prince Royces will come on the show to sing…or maybe be a new love interest. ?

Watch Gina’s entire interview here.

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