Would You Let these White Guys Dress You? Yes.

Look, if it weren’t for Greenspan’s, the last original clothing store in South Gate, Pendleton flannels and wide-brim fedoras would be as good as dead. But Greenspan’s is more than just a keeper of fashion from the past, they’re responsible for dressing the Latino community since 1928…there’s a lot of cool stuff that has happened in the nearly 90 year history.

“Back in the day, we had a Mexican clientele because South Gate was a white community and a lot of stores wouldn’t allow Mexicans to actually shop there so we allowed Mexicans to shop with us,” said Josh Greenspan, 4th generation owner of Greenspan’s, along with his dad, Evan.

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In the 1980s and 90s, at the height of gang life in Los Angeles, Greenspan’s was the spot to buy all the necessary low-rider fashion, which also meant gangster attire. “[Cops] said we were a menace to society and that there would be no gangsters if it wasn’t for us,” said Josh. “Then they did an undercover investigation and found that we’re the safest block in South Gate.”

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