There’s A Restaurant With Abuela Chefs, And People Are Loving It

At This Restaurant, Grandmas Are The Chefs At this restaurant, grandmas are the queens of the kitchen

Posted by NowThis Her on Thursday, December 22, 2016


When it comes to cooking, no restaurant can hold a candle to my abuela. But what if a restaurant only had abuelas as cooks? How delicious would that be?

That’s exactly the question restaurant Ennoteca Maria asked. Their answer? It would be VERY delicious. Located in Staten Island, NY., Ennoteca Maria has a complete staff of around 30 abuela cooks, who Jody Scaravella, the owner, lovingly refers to as “nonnas.”

Scaravella was inspired by his grandmother, Nonna Domenica, who spent hours in the market meticulously finding the right ingredients for her homemade meals. And not only do the nonnas at Ennoteca Maria create delicious meals, they also do what abuelas do best: create a warm environment that is as rich in delicious aromas as it is in cultural heritage.

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