If You Speak Spanish, You’ll Understand Some Arabic

Credit: Fania Records / alex supertramp / YouTube

There are a lot of perks to speaking Spanish, like covertly overhearing chisme or getting out of talking to someone by pretending you “No hablo inglés.” One we had never heard before? If you speak español, you probably understand some Arabic, too.

That’s right, amigos. Joy Diaz, reporter for PRI, learned that from her daughter, whose first language is Spanish and is learning English. Her Lebanese preschool teacher, Rihab Massif, noticed that she was having trouble translating English words into Spanish but, with her Arabic knowledge, she was understanding perfectly.

Camisa (in Arabic, camis), guitarra (in Arabic, guitar) and aceite (in Arabic, ceit) are just a few of the words that she learned were similar. This similarity comes from thousands of years of Moroccan influence in Spain.

The “presence traveled to the Americas with the Spaniards,” says Diaz. “About 4,000 Spanish words are believed to come directly from Arabic.” Just like azucar, which translates to sakar.

Hear the whole story or read the entire article here.

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When Mexican Sugar Skulls Take Over American Pop Icons, Something Really Cool Happens


When Mexican Sugar Skulls Take Over American Pop Icons, Something Really Cool Happens

Star Wars

Latino Star Wars fans, rejoice! Mis Nopales has all the Star Wars Día de los Muertos swag you didn’t even know you needed. Check them out.

These are the brain and talent behind Mis Nopales.

Credit: misnopales.com

Jose Pulido is the artist behind the Día de los Muertos take-over of American pop culture icons and his brother, who helped him start the company right after college.

Mis Nopales shares Mexican culture by transforming American pop culture icons.

“Nopales are a classic symbol representative of our culture and they belong to everyone, hence ‘Mis Nopales’,” reads their website. “We believe that everyone should be proud of their culture and history, no matter who you are. Be PROUD y NO TE RAJES!!”

Basically, mission accomplished, boys.

Credit: The X Factor / Fox / fiercegifs / Tumblr

Everyone should be feeling very proud about being Mexican right now.

So, in their latest pop icon makeover, the whole Star Wars cast got a Día de los Muertos look, from C-3PO and R2-D2…

…to Darth Vader.


WATCH: What if Darth Vader Was Mexican?

And everyone in between.

This is arguably the most epic mashup. of. all. time.

Credit: Power Rangers in Space: Shell Shocked / MMPR Productions Inc. / dual / Tumblr

Could you resist a Día de los Muertos Yoda?

Didn’t think so.

Pulido’s art has been spotted as far away as Veracruz, Mexico.

Because there is nowhere better for a Día de los Muertos Star Wars showdown than Mexico, duh!

Fans have even started getting their favorite pieces as tattoos.

Which is the 21st century’s most sincere form of flattery.

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Surely, Pulido’s #mood is something like this.

Credit: Batman / 20th Century Fox / Randar / Tumblr

But if you’re not a Star Wars fan, no worries. Everyone is fair game for his imagination.

Simpsons? ✔️ Breaking Bad? ✔️ Disney?…you get it. There’s a sticker for everything.

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Oh, “Hi Chilindrina!”

Here’s Lady Liberty…

And Princess Peach.

Even the cast of Game of Thrones. There is nothing dude won’t try.

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