If You Look Hard Enough You Can Find The Perfect Piece Of Anti-Trump Swag For Everyone You Care About


Tired of seeing Donald Drumpf’s “Let’s Make America Great Again” slogan everywhere? Fear not. Thanks to some creative entrepreneurs, you can counteract this bigoted catchphrase with an assortment of pretty rocking anti-Trump gear. Get your credit cards ready!

Even Trump looks fed up with himself on this t-shirt.

Credit: Subliworks / Etsy

This T points out how fitting it is that Trump’s name rhymes with human feces.

Credit: cafepress.com

If shirts aren’t your thing, there’s this brilliant hat with a pretty solid remix of Drumpf’s campaign slogan.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.19.27 PM
Credit: zazzle.com

For the sexually adventurous person who has everything, why not try a Donald Trump butt plug?

Credit: Amznfx / Etsy

Isn’t it ironic? Yeah, I really do think.

There’s even some great stuff for the anti-Trump history buff in your life.

Credit: TheWorldEmporium / Etsy

Clearly some people have TOO much time on their hands.

If the shirt with profanity is just too much for you, go with a harmless sticker.

Credit: StickerCult / Etsy

HBO, courtesy of John Oliver, has also gotten in on the Anti-Trump swag game.

Credit: store.hbo.com

Even undecided voters can agree that voting for Trump is a terrible choice.

Credit: OneStopStickShop / Etsy

Seriously, even a used Donald Trump butt plug would make a better President.

It’s not just Democrats ragging on Trump.

Credit: cafepress.com

Pretty solid logic here.

Just because you buy anti-Trump swag doesn’t mean you are done with your election responsibility. Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

Latino-ness Not Measured By This One Thing According To Study


Latino-ness Not Measured By This One Thing According To Study

hablo espanol

According to 71 percent of Latinos polled by the Pew Research Center, you don’t have to speak Spanish to be considered Latino. Hooray! (And duh.) However, that leaves 28 percent of Latinos who think you’re not Latino if you don’t speak Spanish.

“Among Hispanics, views on speaking Spanish and Hispanic identity differ,” Mark Hugo Lopez, director of Hispanic research at the Pew Research Center, wrote in a Pew blog. “Though majorities of all key subgroups say speaking Spanish isn’t necessary to be considered Hispanic.” Well, duh.

So, yes, views on whether or not you’re Latino if you speak or don’t speak Spanish differ. But, one thing that 95 percent of the people polled agree on is that it’s important for future generations to speak the language.

Spanish, nevertheless — even though usage differs — is still what unites the group: “About three-quarters of Latinos, no matter where they are from, speak Spanish at home,” Lopez said.

Tomato, tomate. Don’t let your language skills stop you from celebrating your Latinoness, we have more than just language in our beautiful Latino culture.

Read more about the Pew Research Center poll here.

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