All The Weird Things You’ll See If You Visit The Border

When you live along the U.S.-Mexico border, you’re used to EXTREMES. The heat, the traffic, THE HEAT. It would probably break the average person, but YOU? No sweat. Did we say it’s hot? Here’s a little peek into border life.

Your phone company always thinks you’re in Mexico.


You’re either burning alive from the heat…

…or suffocating from the humidity…

credit: @jessinfinite / instagram

…or dealing with floods.

Oh, and of course there’s random snow after a day of sunshine.

You spend a lot of time stuck in border patrol checkpoint traffic.


These posters are everywhere.

Your English is OK and your is Spanish OK, but neither is GREAT.

Photo Credit: memecrunch.com

You can spot tourists a mile away.

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Make one wrong turn and you’re a long way from home.

You’re constantly reminded about illegal immigration.

This type of graffiti doesn’t surprise you.


Signs on the road tell you how far you are from Mexico.

But it’s all worth it because you also get treated to beauty like this.

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