All The Weird Things You’ll See If You Visit The Border

When you live along the U.S.-Mexico border, you’re used to EXTREMES. The heat, the traffic, THE HEAT. It would probably break the average person, but YOU? No sweat. Did we say it’s hot? Here’s a little peek into border life.

Your phone company always thinks you’re in Mexico.

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You’re either burning alive from the heat…

…or suffocating from the humidity…

I've been waiting for the weather to at least go one degree under 80 for this ? #brownsvilleprobs

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…or dealing with floods.

Oh, and of course there’s random snow after a day of sunshine.

You spend a lot of time stuck in border patrol checkpoint traffic.

These posters are everywhere.

Your English is OK and your is Spanish OK, but neither is GREAT.

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You can spot tourists a mile away.

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Make one wrong turn and you’re a long way from home.

You’re constantly reminded about illegal immigration.


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This type of graffiti doesn’t surprise you.

Chinga la migra ! #NogalesSon #NogalesAz

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Signs on the road tell you how far you are from Mexico.

But it’s all worth it because you also get treated to beauty like this.

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