If You Hate Tamales De Dulce, This Game Is For You

Have you ever experienced that moment during Christmas when you’ve had like 438 tamales but you still have room for one more? You then head over to choose that final tamal that will satisfy your craving, and when you unwrap it, you end up getting a surprise tamal de dulce that you weren’t ready for at all. If you know that feeling, we’ve got a little game for you. Check out this batch of tamales and see if you are lucky enough to avoid the tamal de dulce.

Send to your friends and see if they can avoid the dreaded tamal de dulce!

Mexico Provided Us With 5 Great Memes This Year


Mexico Provided Us With 5 Great Memes This Year

Although 2016 was a tumultuous year for many people, a few things helped us remember to not take every moment of our lives so seriously. Mexico, our neighbor to the South, knows a thing or two about laughing in the face of tragedy, and Mexico was one of the sources of the most hilarious memes of the year. Let’s recap.

There was Lady100Pesos, the teenage drunk driver who tried to bribe a police officer with 100 pesos (about $6 at the time).


Soon, people were reimagining the 100 peso bill with a new face on it.


Read Lady100Peso’s full story here.

There was #LadyCajero, a woman who tried to shield her friend, who was pulling money out from an ATM, with her coat.


Once she went viral, she was seen helping Kim Kardashian cover up a bit.


Read LadyCajero’s full story here.

Next came LaSeñoraLeon, a soccer fan who dressed up as a lion to support her favorite soccer team.


And, of course, she was eventually reimagined as the star of “The Lion King.”


OK, this one happened in 2014, but it still brought a smile to our faces in 2016. Read LaSeñoraLeon’s full story here.

Then there was this reporter from Mexico who apparently didn’t want to get her feet wet during a flood.


Once the photo surfaced, the Internet did what it does best: dragged her by creating the hashtag #LadyReportera and making memes.


Read LadyReportera’s full story here.

And who can forget los XV de Rubí…


… The quinceañera that was shaping up to be the party of the year.


Read the full story about los XV de Rubí here.

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