If Anyone Tells You Young People Don’t Care About Politics, Show Them This Video

[Warning: Explicit Language]

Credit: Rebecca Mersand / YouTube

“We do not need incremental change, we need bold leadership. And that’s what Bernie Sanders brings to the conversation.”

Rosario Dawson, Bernie Sanders supporter and actress who portrayed Dolores Huerta (a controversial Hillary Clinton supporter) in the Cesar Chavez biopic, used her celebrity and time to introduce the Democratic presidential hopeful at his San Diego rally on Tuesday. Dawson spoke candidly about needing a president who doesn’t want to push the “shiny red button” their first day in office, a likely jab at Hillary Clinton’s past reputation as a hawk, and touted Sanders’ decade-long fight for racial, gender and socioeconomic equality.

“So, when I hear someone ask me, ‘Well, well, if it comes down to it will you vote for the other candidate if it’s Trump,'” Dawson said, immediately shaking her head in disapproval, “I say, if you want to beat Trump, vote Bernie.” At that moment, the crowd lost its collective minds.

Despite that moment of pause, it was an encouraging glimpse of young people — they made up most of the visible audience in the video — showing enthusiasm for the political process. The young age of the attendees was not lost on Dawson, who pointed out that young people have always been on the right side of history.

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