ICE Raids Are Preventing Undocumented Teens From Going To School

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is getting so brazen in their raids that they are now detaining undocumented students on their way to school. Even worse, in addition to breaking up families, these detentions have been a blow to undocumented students’ overall school attendance.

According to their own policies, ICE doesn’t conduct raids at sensitive locations like schools, churches or hospitals, unless it’s an emergency. ThinkProgress, who first broke this troubling development, points out that this is simply not true, and this unwillingness to stick to their own rules is really messing with kids who are finding academic success.

“That’s a huge deal with students who have been doing really well in school, really improving, and now feel like they can’t come to school,” Rebecca Costas, an English Language Learner teacher at Myers Park High School in Charlotte,N.C., told ThinkProgress. “This has a lot of impact on student behavior. Their experiences in their native countries were bad enough, and the journey over was very traumatic. A lot of kids coming over here are clearly exhibiting signs of PTSD, depression, mental health issues — these current raids have just exacerbated that.”

In North Carolina, attendance has gone down by as much at 20 percent in certain areas directly because of these raids. A lot of these teens are being nabbed at the bus stop while they wait.

You can read more about this distressing trend here.

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