‘Humans of New York’ Just Featured a Latina Who Broke the Cycle of Abuse

Abuse is a tough cycle to break and even after walking away the fear will always linger. This Latina abuse, who was featured on the photography page Humans of New York, has spent her life fighting against abuse. She’s finally at a place where she feels safe and comfortable.

Jessie Garcia grew up in a house of violence where her mom would beat her for anything from asking for food to breaking a dish.


After living in group and foster homes, she thought she finally found the man to protect her and care for her. She was 16 and he was 32.


Jessie moved in with him…it wasn’t long before he began abusing her. The first time he hit her, she was seven months pregnant with their first child.


The man blamed his rough upbringing for his temper but Jessie thought about the violence in her youth and how she’d never treated anyone that way.


So she left with her kids and found a shelter.


As a single mother of 5, she’s started over. Though she struggles, she is grateful that she and her children are finally safe and she feels lucky.


Share this story to raise awareness of domestic violence. Some times you never know what the person you see every day is really going through.

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