Huge Wave of Cuban Immigrants Coming to the U.S.


Since 2013, the relation between Cuba and the United States has improved dramatically, ending the 50-year-old hostility between the two countries. Cubans are trying to take advantage of the new relationship by setting sail and heading north.

About 100,000 have abandoned their life in Cuba and made it to American soil either in a raft or going through Mexico. They’ve left family behind promising they’ll come back for them.

Such was the case for the Cardenas men, a father, his son and his son-in-law who jumped on their metal raft and 10 days of torture-at-sea later made it to Florida and began working almost immediately.

These men are only three of thousands now living in the states and sending billions of dollars back to Cuba. Most are still waiting for the day they reunite with their families.

Read more about the new wave of Cuban immigration and the families left behind here.

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Photos that Perfectly Sum Up Every Latino Situation


Photos that Perfectly Sum Up Every Latino Situation

Credit: @es_que_mee / Instagram

Life would be so much easier if someone handed us these…

This would mend every broken heart across Latin America.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

Can’t forget that upside down San Antonio.

When you’re ready to rebound from your breakup…

Credit: @ezrawoldreyes /Instagram

All you need is a little Pitbull in your life… y ¡dale!

This is all you need to stay warm these next few months.

Credit: elputoquelolea / Tumblr

That San Marcos… So cozy?.

And when you get sick…


Credit: @es_que_mee / Instagram

Nothing to help you get over your cold like Vaporú y un buen caldo.

When you’re searching for something in the fridge.

The one all our moms wish we had.

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#yallmotherfuckersneedjesus #starterpack

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Credit: @1.60934km / Instagram

Jesús is the homie.

The one that explains the ONLY reason we let mom force us to go to church on Sundays.


Those elotes ?.

When you’re getting your maletas ready to visit fam.

Credit: @alfredrobles / Instagram

We don’t use maletas, we use boxes.

For that tía who wants to lose her lonjas.

Credit: @shannon_nicole99 /Instagram

The faja is the answer to all your problems.

Mexican mom must-have.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

Sin faltar la telenovela.

Pa, this one’s for you.


Credit: __mexican__for__life__ / Instagram

He’d probably swap those Coronas for a bottle of Cazadores, tbh.

And for all our hard working dads that we’re so proud of…


Credit: @mcjaycc1 / Instagram

Those boots were made for grinding.

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