These HuevoCartoons Went from Going Viral on YouTube to Cracking Hollywood

Have you watched the trailer for Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos?

Credit: PantelionFilms / YouTube

It’s an animated film about a shy young chicken named Toto who fights hard to become a gallo. All he needs are some huevos. ?

It features voice acting from Angelica Vale…

Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty

And comedian Omar Chaparro.

Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty

The movie, which opens in the US on September 4th, also features Maite Perroni, Ninel Conde and Bruno Bichir (yes, he’s Demian’s brother).

Some of the supporting characters look familiar, don’t they?

Credit: PantelionFilms

That’s because they’re characters from the HuevoCartoon universe.

QUIZ: Which HuevoCartoon Character Are You?

Yep, they’re the same HuevoCartoons that blew up years ago on the Internet. There was Poeta Huevos:

A few rhymes and lots of wine would lead these lyricists to proclaim, “QUE HERMOSA HUEVA.”

And Los Huevos Rancheros, Chema and Chava.

So much tequila… and SO much sexual tension.

As their popularity grew, new huevos were hatched. Like el Huevo Filósofo…

Credit: huevocartoon / YouTube

Looks like that candle isn’t the only thing el Huevo Filósofo is lighting up.

And Los Súper Huevos.

Credit: huevocartoon / YouTube

A group of heroes who spend more time fighting each other than battling crime.

QUIZ: Which HuevoCartoon Character Are You?

Eventually, some of the HuevoCartoon characters made it to the big screen in Mexico.

Credit: huevocartoon / YouTube

In the appropriately titled animated film Una Película de Huevos.

In Una Película de Huevos, we meet Toto, an egg that doesn’t want to become someone’s breakfast.

Credit: PantelionFilms

Toto hatches and becomes a chick in a sequel called Otra Pelicula de Huevos y Un Pollo.

Yes, that’s the same Toto from Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos.

Credit: huevocartoon / PantelionFilms

Egg –> Chick –> Chicken.


So now you know the answer to that age-old question. The egg definitely came before the chicken.

Don’t miss Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos in theaters nationwide, starting Friday, September 4.

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Tortilla Loving, Salsa Dancing and Other Signs Your Dog Is Latino


Tortilla Loving, Salsa Dancing and Other Signs Your Dog Is Latino

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His world stops for pepino y Tajín.

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Milk-Bones are basic. A Latino dog only takes pepinos as treats. More Tajín, please!

He’s bilingual and learns most of it from their abuelitos.

“I just wanted to say hola…”

She was raised to be polite, not maleducados.

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Siempre saludan.

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He respects his tíos, too.

“Sí, tío Pepe. Whatever you say.”

They fear la chancla.


“I only have myself to blame. I knew I shouldn’t have answered back but I did it anyway.” *Sad puppy eyes*

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His national pride rivals yours and your friends.

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“Ouviram do Ipiranga às margens plácidas. De um povo heróico o brado retumbante…” ?

(Those are the Brazilian National Anthem’s opening lines, in case you didn’t know.)

She’s got ritmo like no other.

Credit: wilmer cabras / YouTube

Does your dog start dancing when Ceila Cruz comes on the radio? Well, Fido might be Latino.

They’re family oriented and always up for babysitting.

“No te preocupes. Sale ya. We’ll watch la nene while you go to dinner.”

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And he loves every minute of it.

“Eres mi tesorito. Dame otro beso.”

They love tortillas…

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…and he can’t resist a morning croqueta.

“¿Poooorfis?” ?

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He embraces classic Latino style.

On Sundays we wear sombreros.

And proudly wear their traditional patterns.

The poncho doesn’t make the man; the man makes the poncho.

Did we mention they’re great salsa dancers? ?


Who hasn’t lost control of their feet to Me Libere by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico?

How Latino is your dog? mitú wants to know. Tell/Show us in the comments below!