How to Help the Victims of the Nepal Quakes

Nepal and neighboring countries have once again been rattled by a massive earthquake. Survivors of both quakes are now in dire need of food, water and shelter.

Credit: CNN / YouTube

If you’re wondering what you can do to help, we recommend donating to these five trusted charities who have established a presence in Nepal.

Waves for Water – Focusing on providing clean water via filtration to communities around the world, Waves for Water mobilized an urgent clean ­water disaster relief initiative in response to the earthquake. At least 400 clean-­water filtration systems have been donated, which can provide up to 40,000 quake victims with access to clean water, almost immediately.

Operation USA – This organization is working closely with the Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu to distribute medical aid to rural areas. 95% of donations go straight to relief efforts. You can text “AID” to 50555 to donate $10.

Seva Foundation – This U.S.-based nonprofit is at the forefront of treating blindness. With over three decades of experience working in Nepal, the organization set up an emergency relief fund to help clinics and hospitals located throughout the epicenter.

ActionAid USA – Having a strong relationship with various women’s rights organization across the U.S., this organization is currently working with a team of 70 people in Nepal to distribute food, water and health care needs. 90% of donations go to relief efforts. To make a donation click here.

GlobalGiving – This charity fundraising website that has set up a fund specifically for Nepal relief efforts. It has routed donations to 26 different aid groups in Nepal in an effort to help first responders and provide water, clothing and medical equipment. 85% of donations go to relief efforts. To make a donation of $10, text “GIVE NEPAL” to 80088.

If you wish to donate to other organizations consider visiting Charity Navigator, a leading resource for evaluating the work of nonprofits. The organization has posted a list of highly-ranked charities that have mounted relief operations in Nepal.

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