7 Hot Latino Celebs That Celebrate #NationalDogDay Everyday

Credit: @enriqueiglesias / Instagram

What’s hotter than a dog lover? A LATINO dog lover, that’s what!

Oliver Cromwell III is so cute, Rafael Amaya gave his furry pal his own Twitter account.

Credit: @olivercromwell3 / Twitter

Ya, Oliver knows we’re all checking him out.

This big guy is Jack. Jack always has Enrique Iglesias’s back.

#MyCrazyDog #Jack

A photo posted by Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias) on

Credit: @enrique305/Twitter

Yes, you can lay down on me whenever you like. 😉

Sebastian Rulli and his schnauzer, Gaucho, looking dreamy in this selfie.

Beso de amigos #AmorDelBueno #MiAmigoGaucho

A photo posted by Sebastian Rulli (@sebastianrulli) on

Credit: @sebastianrulli/ Instagram

Kiss ME!

Mario Lopez has a thing for the Frenchies.

Credit: GSI Media / Us Weekly

His Insta is filled with adorable pics of Juanita Manuela (not pictured) and Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez.

Mila is a cuddle bug when it comes to her dad, Jesus “Chino” Miranda.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.58.12 PM
Credit: Chino Miranda Perez / Facebook

Yup, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Danny Pino and Prado love posing together.

Credit: @TheDannyPino/Twitter

Yeah, Prado can pretty much get away with anything.

Geronimo is Bruno Mars’s loyal sidekick.

A photo posted by Bruno Mars (@brunomars) on

Credit: @brunomars/Instagram

Look deep into my eyes….

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A New Video by FWD.us Shows the Disturbing Reality of Mass Deportation


A New Video by FWD.us Shows the Disturbing Reality of Mass Deportation

Credit: FWD.us / YouTube

“You deported my mommy.”

How would you feel if the US created a “deportation force”? What would happen if mass deportation, as proposed by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, were to take place in the US? 11 Stories, a six-part series by FWD.us, shows you the possible effects of mass deportation on millions of immigrants who have built lives in the US. What we see isn’t pretty: billions of dollars spent, families torn apart and millions of lives disrupted.

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