Homophobic Fútbol Chant Costs Mexico Thousands

FIFA finds itself at the center of another controversy…Only this time, they’re the good guys.

FIFA is no longer putting up with homophobic chants coming from fans. Mexico’s Football Federation (FMF, according to its initials in Spanish) is being fined for a homophobic chant that’s often shouted during their matches.

Back in January the FMF appealed the initial fine of $20,000 arguing shouting “Eeeeeee p*to” was “not discriminatory.” The appeal was shot down. As a result, Mexico now owes $35,275.

This chant is common during Mexican soccer matches, but more and more fans of other Latin American soccer teams are picking this up…and FIFA’s coming after those teams, too. In addition to Mexico, five other Latin American soccer federations were fined for “discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans.”

Although FIFA’s hardly on the moral high ground, many in the LGBT community and beyond appreciated their refusal to tolerate homophobia. Bravo, FIFA, we applaud you too ??.

Here’s what FIFA will no longer put up with…

Credit: Luis Corvini / YouTube

Read more about these fines and regulations here.

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