Homophobic Fútbol Chant Costs Mexico Thousands

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FIFA finds itself at the center of another controversy…Only this time, they’re the good guys.

FIFA is no longer putting up with homophobic chants coming from fans. Mexico’s Football Federation (FMF, according to its initials in Spanish) is being fined for a homophobic chant that’s often shouted during their matches.

Back in January the FMF appealed the initial fine of $20,000 arguing shouting “Eeeeeee p*to” was “not discriminatory.” The appeal was shot down. As a result, Mexico now owes $35,275.

This chant is common during Mexican soccer matches, but more and more fans of other Latin American soccer teams are picking this up…and FIFA’s coming after those teams, too. In addition to Mexico, five other Latin American soccer federations were fined for “discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans.”

Although FIFA’s hardly on the moral high ground, many in the LGBT community and beyond appreciated their refusal to tolerate homophobia. Bravo, FIFA, we applaud you too ??.

Here’s what FIFA will no longer put up with…

Credit: Luis Corvini / YouTube

Read more about these fines and regulations here.

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These Mexican Dudes Wrote A Corrido For The Best Burger In Texas (And The Planet)

food and drink

These Mexican Dudes Wrote A Corrido For The Best Burger In Texas (And The Planet)

Credit: Aaron Alberto Barrios/YouTube

This is how we’ll order food from now on.

Shut it down. These dudes take the award for most ingenious way to order food. In the clip above, we see Aaron Barrios and his band riding in the back of a pickup truck as they go through a Whataburger in Roma, Texas, a small bordertown found in the South Texas region of the Rio Grande Valley (956 ’til I die!). But Barrios & Co. don’t order food like chumps. Nah, son, they place their order in the form of a corrido, accordion and everything.

As the San Antonio Express-News points out, this wouldn’t be the only time that this group has pulled this stunt.

The Whataburger Corrido filmed at the Whataburger in Roma.

Posted by Area956 on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Credit: Area956/Facebook

A second video of them singing their order was posted on Facebook on Sunday, though this time around, the singing was done inside the vehicle.

It might seem silly to arrange a song just to order a burger. Then again, if you’re thinking this, chances are you’ve never been to Whataburger. For the unfamiliar, Whataburger is a magical place found across Texas that makes all your dreams come true. It puts In-N-Out to shame, and I’m willing to bleed for that declaration. So if you ever find yourself in Texas, make sure you get the #5 with grilled jalapeños, toasted buns, and mustard all the way.

Watch: You’ll Have A Newfound Appreciation for This Tex-Mex Staple

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