The Economist Wants You to Know Hispanics Aren’t So Bad

The Economist recently experienced social media backlash for the imagery used on the cover of “Firing Up America,” their special report on Latinos in the U.S. The cover features a U.S. flag composed of blue denim with silver stars and red stripes made out of chiles. The use of chilies, which plays on the stereotype of “spicy” Latinos, kicked off the criticism firestorm.

Photo Credit: John Berkeley / The Economist

But guess what? The Economist is telling Americans that Hispanics – who they referred to as “Chilies in the mix” – aren’t as scary as they look. Here are some quotes:

1. Don’t Take Them For Granted

2. Don’t Be Anxious

3. Don’t Be Afraid

4. Come On, Be Optimistic

5. Bye, Bye Majority