Hillary Clinton’s New Ad In Spanish Is Giving Latinos Mixed Feelings

Credit: Hillary Clinton via Washington Post

It’s no secret Hillary Clinton knows the power the Latino vote holds during this year’s elections. To win our vote, she’s tried just about everything, from showing she’s down with tacos to saying she’d appoint Latinos to her cabinet, rallying in East L.A. on cinco de mayo, and even trying to convince us she’s just like our abuelita. As we approach election day, she’s kicking her strategy into high gear. The presidential hopeful just released her first ad of the general elections completamente en español, and she’s trying to reel us in by giving us all the feels.

Featured in the video are Latinos who talk about their American journey, while others tell us how they’ve been here since the 1930s – when parts of the U.S. were still Mexican territory. Others discuss the discrimination they’ve faced as Americans. Naturally, there are a few digs at Trump thrown in there, too. The ad wraps up with Clinton saying, “Soy Hilary Clinton.” She sounds like she’s ordering a $9 latte, but still, it beats the hell out of Trump saying, “Those Hispanics, they love me,” and expecting us to believe him.

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Copa America Is Over But The Final Match Memes Are Still Fire


Copa America Is Over But The Final Match Memes Are Still Fire

The Copa América Centenario final between Argentina and Chile didn’t produce any goals in regular or extra time, but it still managed to produce lots of drama. Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuaín missed a one-on-one chance to put his team up early in the match. Then, Brazilian referee Héber Roberto Lopes stole the show from stars Lionel Messi and Alexis Sánchez, handing out several yellow cards and two red cards that left each team with only 10 players. When the game went to penalties, Messi blew his penalty shot, which could have boosted Argentina to victory. After Argentina’s Lucas Biglia also missed his penalty, Chile’s Francisco Silva converted, crowning Chile the Copa América Centenario champs.

At the end of the match, this shot of Lionel Messi crying was EVERYWHERE. This little girl decided to lend him a helping hand:

BTW, it’s photoshopped.

But this is how it began: with yellow card after yellow card from referee Heber Lopes.

It was kinda like having Oprah on the field.


Lopes was handing out so many cards that he became the focal point of the match.

But soon, this missed penalty became the talk of the tourney.

Where did the ball land? Well…

This Twitter user predicted the avalanche of Messi memes.

Chile’s Alexis Sánchez was spotted behind a teary-eyed Messi with a familiar look.

Argentina’s flag was given an emoji update.

And Crying Jordan made his inevitable appearance. On the field…

On the bench…


And on the flag.

A few people switched things up. One went with Crying Messi…

And another with Crying Lebron.

This summed up how hard it is to shake off a tough loss…


And this was a savage description of what a second place team looks like.

And to cap it all off, Pitbull performed at the closing ceremony. Some weren’t down with it:

But wait — there’s more! If you really want to talk about rubbing salt in someone’s wound… this is how Chile’s Alexis Sánchez celebrated:

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