Hillary Clinton’s New Ad In Spanish Is Giving Latinos Mixed Feelings

Credit: Hillary Clinton via Washington Post

It’s no secret Hillary Clinton knows the power the Latino vote holds during this year’s elections. To win our vote, she’s tried just about everything, from showing she’s down with tacos to saying she’d appoint Latinos to her cabinet, rallying in East L.A. on cinco de mayo, and even trying to convince us she’s just like our abuelita. As we approach election day, she’s kicking her strategy into high gear. The presidential hopeful just released her first ad of the general elections completamente en español, and she’s trying to reel us in by giving us all the feels.

Featured in the video are Latinos who talk about their American journey, while others tell us how they’ve been here since the 1930s – when parts of the U.S. were still Mexican territory. Others discuss the discrimination they’ve faced as Americans. Naturally, there are a few digs at Trump thrown in there, too. The ad wraps up with Clinton saying, “Soy Hilary Clinton.” She sounds like she’s ordering a $9 latte, but still, it beats the hell out of Trump saying, “Those Hispanics, they love me,” and expecting us to believe him.

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